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Communications (Value Proposition Work)

A self-directed team of marketing and sales professionals in the Consumer Products Business Unit at BNSF was charged with developing a communications strategy to effectively convey the benefits of its railroad services across seven distinct business segments. The team wanted a brand marketer with positioning experience to facilitate this process and bring a fresh perspective to their work.

Marketing Moves approached the project by creating a message map and solutions matrix across the seven business segments to identify the core value commitments important to BNSF's customers. This established the framework needed to develop a compelling value proposition that communicated the BNSF difference relative to customer needs. We also recommended a comprehensive communications strategy to heighten awareness of BNSF's unique service benefits.

"The value proposition work performed by Marketing Moves generated succinct, clearly articulated value propositions stated in terms relevant to our target audiences. We were impressed with Marketing Moves' creative approach to our challenge and fast turnaround on each phase of the project."

Edward McNack
General Director, Marketing Support
The Burlington Northern and
Santa Fe Railway Company
Fort Worth, Texas

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