African American English
First textbook written on African American English

Event Management

How do you expand the marketing of a college textbook to reach lay persons (those outside the academic community)? That was the question posed by Professor Lisa Green, author of African American English: A Linguistic Introduction.

First, we read the book to understand the author's theoretical and practical insights on the subject. We then created a sell sheet and developed a cross-channel communications plan that included a viral email campaign, direct mail, and author appearances at select bookstores and other events to capture the attention of the secondary target. The effort was highly successful and 25% of total book sales were directly linked to the strategies and tactics developed by Marketing Moves.

"Marketing Moves pushed the boundaries that went beyond the traditional marketing strategies executed by my publisher and showed me how to reach a whole new audience for my book. The results were truly amazing."

Lisa Green, PhD
Associate Professor of Linguistics
University of Texas-Austin

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